• Athena Peña

Do You, Be You. LOVE YOU

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Competing in bodybuilding and fitness created an insatiable insecure monster. When every mirror is an opportunity to disappoint and there is always someone better than you, the viscous cycle never ends. I was literally always competing against someone else.

But isn’t this really life in general? The workplace, the direct sales company, yoga studio, the gym, your kids soccer team… does it ever cease? No.

So practice daily the mindset that you are the only person you need compete against.

Choose today to be better than yesterday. Choose to be kinder, wiser, happier, more forgiving, more giving, have more patience. Whatever the case may be. Never look left or right at yoga and be defeated because someone is more flexible or because they know how to do everything.

Do you. Be you. And above all, LOVE YOU. A better version of you is the ONLY better you ever need to give attention to.

Carry on my friends. Have a blessed and fulfilled day because you are great!

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